Autism-friendly Session at New Adventure Zone - My Magna Event
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We are pleased to announce our newest attraction, Magna Mayhem, will cater for the needs of autistic children.

Magna Mayhem, Yorkshire’s largest indoor inflatable adventure zone for children under 11, will launch this August at the popular visitor attraction.

A dedicated autism-friendly session will be available at Magna Mayhem on Monday 21 August at 3pm, catered to the varied needs of children with autism. 

Our experienced and highly trained team will introduce the event with a ‘social story’, clearly explaining what the children can expect and will put in place a number of measures to accommodate their needs. This includes quiet music with gentle beats; a reduction in the number of children on each inflatable at one time, so the children are not forced to interact or feel pressured by the social demands; and a clear countdown to the end of the session, both visual and audible, to avoid an abrupt ending. 

A number of additional sensory activities will also be on offer.

To book tickets for Magna Mayhem’s autism session on Monday 21 August at 3pm please visit:

For more information, please email

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