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Make your event a truly unique and memorable experience for your guests by allowing them the opportunity to explore this incredible venue and discover it’s history with The Magna Steel Experience.

Magna is housed within a vast former steel works and is rich in local history and heritage.  Formerly one of the world’s largest steelworks, known as Steel, Peech and Tozer, the works employed over 10,000 workers and housed 6 electric arc furnaces which produced 18 million tonnes of steel every year. As the backbone of the modern world, the steel industry was accountable for the society and community of Sheffield, Rotherham and the surrounding area.  Much of the steel needed in both World Wars was produced at the Templeborough steelworks, including the shells, tanks and wheels produced for WWII.

When the works closed in 1993 £46m of Millennium Commission Lottery funding was secured enabling the creation of Magna Science Adventure Centre. The building has been given a new lease of life with futuristic technology, visionary architecture and breathtaking interactive games and challenges.  As a testament to the local steel industry, a number of the original features, including hulking hooks and cranes and winding passages have been left untouched, giving the building a greater sense of atmosphere.

The Big Melt

Step back into the world of the steel workers and visualise one of Magna’s original arc furnaces brought back to life through exciting pyrotechnics, audio and smoke. The show perfectly re-creates the steel making process (except for the absence of thousands of tons of molten steel and of course the melting temperatures!). Each show lasts for approx. 12 minutes.

Steel Tours

Led by former steel workers, our tours tell the proud story of the steel making industry, bring history to life. Steel tours usually last for 1 hour and can incorporate the Big Melt Show. Feel the heat, the danger and the hardship of the people whose lives were shaped by Steel.

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