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Fisher Scientific Science World saw 80 key exhibitors attend, with an audience of nearly 600 delegates. This was the biggest Fisher Scientific Science World event (outside of London) in its 20-year history.

High quality exhibitors and word class speakers, including Prof. Richard Dawkins and Baroness Susan Greenfield, added maximum value and entertainment for attendees and enabled great PR both on and off line.

The planning and organisation for Science World began 12 months in advance, with members of the Fisher Scientific marketing division booking the venue, keynote speakers and designing the event content.  Event management picked up in intensity six months before the event and consistent marketing began to encourage delegates to pre-register their attendance.

Marketing included direct emails, competitions, facebook and twitter campaigns, direct mail and word of mouth referrals.


We have been delighted with Magna as our chosen venue for Science World.  The size, location and facilities suited our requirements perfectly and ensured smooth logistics for set up and break down of the event.  With 80 exhibitors and associated staff and equipment this was a huge bonus!  From managers to the catering staff, the whole team were pleasant, friendly and supportive.  Our many requests during an especially frantic event day were all met with a patient and ‘can do’ attitude. 

Fisher Scientific Science World
Science World – Case Study

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