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Winterhill School in Kimberworth, Rotherham visited and took some time to work on a poem about their experience that day. We are thrilled with it and think it sums up the exhibit perfectly, and really evokes the spirit of steel. 

The Big Melt is undoubtedly one of Magna's most breathtaking features. Heard and seen from almost every part of the building, the show is set around 'E' furnace one of the original electric arc furnaces, unused since the days of Sheffield's booming steel industry.

In a pyrotechnic and audio display powerful enough to shake everything underfoot and overhead, the steel making process is perfectly re-created (except for hundreds of tons of molten steel and of course the melting temperatures!)

The show runs for 12 minutes, at regular intervals during the day and is included in your entry to Magna Science Adventure Centre. 





A steel dragon sleeps before us. 

The Big Melt.

A dark, eerie structure, waiting anxiously.

A ghostly outline is all we can see, 

Old, hibernating machinery, waiting to be shocked into life, 

We keep our distance and listen to the haunting echoes of the beast's former rampage.



The wait is over.

Now it begins.

Shocking the dragon awake, electric blue volts of lightning surge through its tormented soul,

The blood-thirsty monster wakes from hibernation.

The dragon rises.

An unstoppable beast powering up to attack its prey.



Grumbling, groaning into life. the monster devours its prey.

Barbaric, uncontrollable, striking, crazy,

A deadly intent beast.

The evaporated heat soars through hid scales creating his morning breath, smoke. 



Dying down now. 

The creaks subside into clouds of smoke as the dragon takes one last puff. 

The smell of burnt steel pervades the room as the dragon falls. 

The fire has frozen, the sparks have stopped. 

The muscles have softened and the dragon's rage has calmed. 

The beast has spoken.

The beast is at peace. 


Welcome to the Dragon's Graveyard.