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‘Sheffield was on fire. It was glowing orange, like hell, like a furnace, like steel.’

Set against the backdrop of the Sheffield Blitz, Operation Crucible is the story of four ordinary men in extraordinary times...

Researched around Magna Science Adventure Centre, and taking inspiration from the heritage preserved in these old Templeborough steelworks, the play most importantly draws on one-to-one interviews with men, still alive today. Those who worked in the Sheffield steelworks during the 1940s and survived the Blitz attack.

'On the 12 December 1940 a single bomb reduced the Marples Hotel, which stood proudly in Fitzalan Square, from seven stories to just 15 feet of rubble.

Only one of the ten compartments in the hotel’s cellar withstood the blast. Within it, trapped, were four steel workers - this is their story, from beginning to end.'


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