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Apprentices at Magna called local South Yorkshire businesses to donate food items as part of a project to help other young people in the area.

All donated tins, or other non-perishable food items, were delivered to the new food bank at Rotherham College, used to help students in need.

The group from Magna organised the food drive as part of the Brathay Apprentice Challenge 2016, a national competition to find the best apprentice team in the UK.

As part of the challenge, teams of apprentices are required to undertake activities that develop new skills and showcase their employer by engaging with young people. The food donation drive has earned the Magna team points which they hope will see them reach the final of the competition. 

Molly May Charlesworth, 18, is on an intermediate apprenticeship in business administration at Magna led the team through the challenge.

She said: “The great thing about the food drive is that not only are we engaging with the business community and gaining points for the competition, but we are helping other young people too.”

Over 400 tins and food stuffs were donated from businesses in the area such as Carillion, Highfield and Big Bang and the team got to meet the Deputy Mayor Councillor Chris Middleton of Rotherham and Mrs. Middleton who were increadibly impressed at the achievements of the team.  

As well as being a corporate venue, Magna is an award-winning visitor attraction and hosts regular school trips.